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How can I dispute the results of my report?
How can I dispute the results of my report?
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Does something seem off? There are two ways to dispute your report.

First, ask yourself:

Is the information on my report accurate?

Yes, the record is accurate but I’d like to discuss charges with the hiring company. If so, please follow up directly with the hiring company. Yardstik provides the report information and is not involved in hiring decisions.

No, I believe the information is inaccurate (i.e. wrong name, wrong DOB, invalid charge)

Disputes are a mandated process covered under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This process allows you to submit the information you feel is inaccurate which kicks off a reinvestigation. Please go to your report at Once you have verified your information, you can use the Report an Error link at the bottom right of the page. *Remember, please provide all information you have to ensure the process is efficient.

Once submitted, Yardstik will send you an acknowledgement that the dispute has been submitted and that we are reviewing the information. Yardstik will follow-up directly with you within 30 days regarding the findings and the hiring company will receive an update as well.

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