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Jobvite integration
Jobvite integration
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Integrating Yardstik and Jobvite can be completed with a few easy steps.

Gather your information

Create your Yardstik API key in the Jobvite integration card by selecting 'Generate'.

Copy your key and store it in a secure place for later use. Note: If you lose your key, you will need to create a new one.

At this time, you'll also want to copy your Yardstik account ID and the package you will be ordering through Jobvite. The Jobvite support team will need this information to enable your integration.

Submit a ticket in Jobvite to set up the integration.

Hover over the help options menu in the Jobvite platform and select 'Submit a Ticket'.

In the ticket, let the Jobvite support team know you'd like to activate the Yardstik integration, and provide your API key, Yardstik Account ID, and the name of your Yardstik package.

Configure Jobvite secrets with Yardstik

Add the API key and Jobvite Secret key provided by the Jobvite support team to your configuration. These fields are configured right next to where you obtained your Yardstik API information in the Yardstik integration card for Jobvite.

**IMPORTANT FINAL STEP**: Contact your CSM or [email protected] and let them know you are ready to begin using Jobvite. Yardstik will have one final setup step to complete upon being notified that everything has been configured on the Jobvite Integration card.

Use the integration!

Once the previous configuration steps are complete, when you move a candidate to the 'Yardstik Screening' workflow step the screening order will be placed with Yardstik!

Client configures workforce in Jobvite

  1. Add a Requisition

    1. In staging, the webhook callback url is set to route to the Idso Co Yardstik account.

    2. in the Yardstik Package field, enter the relevant Yardstik package system name

  2. Add a Candidate

    1. You only need to fill in required fields (first, last name, email address, and add the requisition you set up earlier).

  3. Route the candidate through workflow steps in Jobvite

Trigger Screening Integration

  1. When ready to send user to Yardstik integration, select the workflow step ‘Yardstik Screening’.

  2. In about 15 seconds, you should see a response from Yardstik in the Application details that the invitation has been sent and the report created.

  3. An invitation to provide the information necessary for the screening will be sent to the candidate.

Complete the Invitation

The candidate will complete their invitation in the Yardstik profile application.

View Updates in Jobvite

After the report is created by Jobvite, event-driven updates will start being sent to Jobvite whenever there is a change to the report. As reports progress through statuses, details will be filled in the Application Detail custom fields in the Jobvite Candidate. Managers of the account may access further detail through the Yardstik Report URL, given proper access in the Yardstik application.


If there is an error creating the report, a basic error message will be provided in the Yardstik Report Status field. If the account has further questions, they may reach out to [email protected].

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