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Generating and Managing API Keys
Generating and Managing API Keys
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An API Key is a unique code that is used to identify and authenticate an application or user. For Yardstik, this means that we require API Keys when our users are integrated with other applications so that background checks can be performed safely and securely.

Managing API Keys

API Keys can be found by going to the Developer tab and clicking on API Keys.

This page will contain a list of the active API Keys that are associated with your account. Here, you can create and delete API Keys.

Please note, that once an API Key is created, it cannot be edited. When an API Key is deleted, it will no longer be active and cannot be used. For example, if an API Key is being actively used for an integration and is deleted (without a replacement), this integration will no longer function as expected.

Creating an API Key

  1. Navigate to the API Keys page.

  2. Input a Name for your new API Key, then click the Create button.

    1. The Name for your API Key cannot be changed once created, so choose a unique name that has a clear indication of its purpose (for example, naming a key “Lever” for the Lever Integration is best practice)

  3. Copy the API Key to your clipboard from the modal that appears using the copy button (shown in the red box below).

    1. This is the only time the API Key will be displayed in its entirety. Once this modal is closed out, the API Key will be masked and cannot be fully copied again. Yardstik does not store full API Keys, and cannot provide this upon request.

    2. Store the API Key in a secure location. Behind a password is recommended.

  4. Once the full API Key is copied, click the “I have copied my API Key” button shown in green above to close out the modal.

  5. Your new API Key will now be listed in the table and can be deleted once it is no longer needed.

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