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Workable integration
Workable integration
Updated over a week ago

Workable and Yardstik can be easily connected so you can request background checks and view the results of your candidates within Workable.

You will need your API Key to begin which can be found in your Yardstik account. From the left navigation select Developer > Integrations > select Workable.

1. Toggle the integration On.

2. Generate the API Key (copy it right away, as the API key will be partially masked when you navigate away from this page)

3. Sign in to your Workable account, navigate to Settings > Integrations and locate Yardstik under the available Background Check providers

4. Click Yardstik and paste your API key in the corresponding field; then click Update Settings.

Once the integration steps above are complete, you can visit this Workable Help Article that will show you how to run a background check.

Having trouble? Your Workable and Yardstik CSM’s will be happy to help, reach out to them for further instructions or contact [email protected] and we’ll get you back on track.

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