Login Help: Reset MFA
Updated over a week ago

If you are an Account Admin and one of your Users is having difficulties with the Authentication portion of logging in and/or has received a new phone, you can reset the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for them as long as they have successfully set up MFA before.

  1. Navigate to the User list under Account.

  2. Find the user with the MFA issue and select “Reset MFA”

  3. You will be asked if you are sure. Select Yes.

  4. A success message will appear at the bottom of the page:

  5. When user logs in they will be asked to scan the QR code to reset their MFA. Reminder: This only works if the user has set up MFA before. If they have not set up MFA before, please direct them to our Login Help Article.

Note: If you are the Account Admin and need your MFA reset, [email protected] will have to do that for you. Email or use the chat function in the lower right.

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