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Product Releases
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Yardstik is on a mission to build a platform that empowers trust & safety teams to quickly screen, verify and hire at scale. We're constantly looking to put more tools in your hands to make that mission a reality.

Check out our latest product releases! 🔥

June 2024

📱 Text Message Authentication available for Admin Users

If you're having difficulty using the QR code to authenticate your account, you can now enroll in a text message option instead.

April 2024

📦 Easier Package Selection Inviting Candidates

When you start typing your package title, the Yardstik platform will populate the field for you so your hands never have to leave the keyboard.

November 2023

🕵️‍♀️ Yardstik Detect (beta)

Yardstik Detect (beta) is a first-of-its kind product that will act as a proactive investigator, detecting and surfacing fraud in your hiring funnel. It will use the data collected during the background check and/or Identity Verification process and will run these inputs through proprietary databases to look for fraud signals.

The first signal being released in beta will be detection of an SSN that has already been used during the application process. Stolen SSNs have been known to be used to get around background check processes by fraud rings. We'll be launching new data points in the coming months - stay tuned!

If you want to participate in the beta, please reach out to your CSM or contact us using the purple chat icon in the lower right of the Help Center.

September 2023

✅ Ignore Failed Identity Verification

There may be instances where a candidate fails the Identity Verification step but has since been able to properly verify their identity with you (legal name change, blurry image, etc). Administrators can review the details of the verification and select Ignore Failure to move the candidate forward. For more detailed information about this process, click here.

💰 Invoice Autopay

Administrators can now view and pay invoices from Yardstik online. Once a customer billing account is created, administrators can enable autopay as well as view invoices and payment history. You can find more detailed account setup instructions and find answers to common billing questions here.

📄 Send Files via API

Document files associated with a candidate’s profile or report can now be sent via API (e.g. image of a candidate’s driver’s license). This can be used to collect and send files required for a screen, or to send information to Yardstik in the event of an Info Request for a candidate. Click here to review our API documentation.

August 2023

🪪 Yardstik Identity Verification

Identity Verification is a cornerstone of our Trust & Safety Platform. This top-of-funnel verification allows you to verify and hire the right people faster while keeping bad actors out of your workforce. Save time and money on unnecessary background checks and hiring processes by removing fraud at the top of the hiring funnel.

  • Administrators can now see all reports for a candidate, including their verified identity, in one place.

  • Information collected on the ID will be used to auto-populate the rest of the candidate's report to create a great experience and clean data.

July 2023

🔑 Reset MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)

Administrators can now reset the MFA login for other users in the Yardstik platform. This will provide a new QR code to the user the next time they login.

June 2023

🎉 Sequential Screening

Sequential Screening allows administrators to run fast and less expensive screens early in the hiring funnel (e.g. Identity Verification, MVR) to avoid having to run additional and more expensive screens downstream (e.g. Background Check, Drug Screen). This will help you save on screening costs by eliminating unnecessary screens later in the hiring funnel.

May 2023

♾️ Continuous Monitoring

Administrators can now continuously monitor criminal charges and traffic violations. These checks are conducted on a daily basis for court updates and the disposition is recorded without administrators incurring any county or state pass-through fees. Once the disposition is received, the record will be sent to the administrator to review.

April 2023

🗓️ Date Range Filter

Administrators now have the ability to filter the reports in the Yardstik platform by date. You can now filter the reports by selecting “Created On”, “Submitted On”, or “Completed On” and entering the date or date range you’d like to view. This is an exportable function.

March 2023

🔥 Additional MVR efficiencies

Further enhancements to the MVR process to automatically clear reports with no records.

📋 Multiple professional certifications and licenses

Provides the ability for candidates to enter multiple certification types and/or professional licenses during the course of their report submission and for Yardstik to verify for accuracy.

February 2023

💡 Candidate Apply URL

If a candidate is not receiving their invite link or is stuck in the process, administrators can send them a direct link to their application so they can pick up right where they left off.

January 2023

✏️ Report Notes

The Yardstik verifications team is able to add notes to candidate reports to give administrators context into reports that require action or need further clarification.

  • Administrations can see what information is still needed from candidates in an “Info Requested” status (Ex. “Verify Date of Birth” or “Verify SSN”). Context may also be provided on reports in a “Consider” status.

⚙️ Lever Integration

The Lever integration allows talent acquisition teams to seamlessly incorporate the Yardstik background check process directly into their Lever recruitment workflow.

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