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What does identity verification look like for candidates?
What does identity verification look like for candidates?
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Wondering what the Yardstik Identity Verification process looks like for your candidates? Check it out!

How it works

  1. The candidate will be prompted to begin their report.

Note: If the candidate is on a computer, they will be presented with a QR code that they can scan in order to complete the process with a mobile device.

If they have any trouble with enabling their camera on their device, please refer them to our help article so we may further assist them. Why is my camera not working for Identity Verification? | Yardstik Help Center

2. They'll be asked to get their driver's license ready and will select Let's get started.

3. The candidate will take a photo of the front and back of their Driver’s License or State ID. Yardstik will verify the legitimacy of the ID, this should only take a few seconds.

4. If the ID passes this step, the candidate will be asked to take a selfie to confirm liveness (ensuring the person is physically present) and will compare the selfie image with their photo ID.

5. That's it! And it gets even better, if you have screening requirements after identity verification (e.g. MVR, background check) the candidate's information will auto-populate in the report based on the data pulled from the ID. Fast and easy for your candidates, clean data for you.

If a candidate's identity cannot be confirmed during this process, they will receive a message that we couldn't verify their identity and will be prompted to contact the hiring company. If they reach out and you are able to confirm they are a real candidate attempting to apply, you can ignore their failed identity verification and move them forward in the process.

What is identity verification and why is it important?

Identity Verification is a cornerstone of our Trust & Safety Platform. This top-of-funnel verification allows you to verify and hire the right people faster while keeping bad actors out of your workforce. Save time and money on unnecessary background checks and hiring processes by removing fraud at the top of the hiring funnel.

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